Speaker Topics

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Jillian Hishaw is a leading food systems strategist tackling many social causes. With over 15 years of speaking experience in front of small crowds of 50 to convention crowds of several hundreds.  Speaking topics range from leadership, poverty, asset protection, food, and more. Ms. Hishaw has the ability to motivate and infuse her passion of sustainable food systems to many different crowds. Past speaking engagements include Food & Equity Conference, Wake Forest University, Land for Good National Conference, US Environmental Protection Agency Region VII: Watershed and Wetland Conference and more.  Ms. Hishaw's has been interviewed by the Editor of Whole Terrain, WUNC-NPR, South Carolina Now, Bishop Bates, and various other media outlets. 

Ms. Hishaw's insight into the area of agriculture and environmental issues are extensive just like her published law articles.  Ms. Hishaw's past and present consulting clients include land grant universities, municipalities, non-profit organizations and individuals.  If you are looking to retain an expert speaker to provide industry and program insight for your next event please click on the contact tab to schedule a time to talk with Ms. Hishaw or email her at jhishaw@hishawlaw.com.