“With the help of Jillian Hishaw we can help support the one in four children that struggle with hunger and over 300,000 people in our local 20 counties struggle to have a meal a month, and by her providing meals, its a tremendous way to feed the community.”
— Doug Groendyke - Procurement Manger, Harvest Hope Food Bank


Ms. Hishaw is an expert in the area of agriculture, environmental policy, and asset protection with over 12 years of professional experience in various capacities.  From CEO, Attorney, Adjudicator to Program Developer and Manager, Ms. Hishaw has the expertise to move your companies mission forward.  Ms. Hishaw's gift to resolving hard problems like poverty in rural and urban communities is accomplished through innovative, collaborative ways, bringing together public and private entities.  Relentless in her efforts, Ms. Hishaw focuses on producing results to fit each client's goals in a direct, insightful manner.  Ms. Hishaw locates the resolutions to challenges that companies are grappling with and find effective ways to save the client money, manpower and time. Over the past decade, Ms. Hishaw has saved clients thousands of dollars through bankruptcy, estate planning, business advisement and program development/management. 

Consulting Areas Include:

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  • Asset Protection

  • Risk Assessment & Compliance

  • Non-Profit Advisement

  • Research & Writing

  • Program Development & Management

  • Business Planning & Outlook Services

If you would like to discuss consulting services with Ms. Hishaw please complete the appointment inquiry below or submit an email to jhishaw@hishawlaw.com


“Jillian was able to give me a thorough consultation which made me do a lot of thinking about if I wanted to continue with a business partner and register as a nonprofit prior to starting my business.” - Memory

“I needed to get on my feet…Jillian was a Godsend! She walked me through every detail of my bankruptcy. Anytime, I had a question, concern, freakout, she was there to help me through it. She was my attorney but it felt like I was talking to a friend. I highly recommend Jillian for your legal needs.” — Kendra