I contacted 30 lawyers in an effort to find help. Hishaw was the only one that really made an effort. I can call her anytime I have a question.
— S. Calhoun, Landowner

Ms. Jillian Hishaw, Esq., is the author of "Don't Bet the Farm on Medicaid Liens," Founder, and Attorney in the areas of agriculture, food systems and asset protection, she was recently recognized by the Clif Bar Co. as a "Food Industry Changemaker."  Founder of Hishaw Law, LL.C., and Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S), a national non-profit that provides legal and technical services to small farmers.  Ms. Hishaw has over 12-years of local, state, federal, legal, and non-profit experience in relation to agriculture, environmental and asset protection matters.   Ms. Hishaw has been featured in numerous print, podcast and stages including Civil Eats, the Atlantic, Seniors.com, WFAE-NPR, and more.  Ms. Hishaw’s expertise is documented in her numerous law review and American Bar Association (ABA) articles.  Prior to establishing F.A.R.M.S., Ms. Hishaw worked for the USDA Office of Assistance Secretary of Civil Rights.  After leaving USDA, Ms. Hishaw provided legal assistance to small farmers in Pembroke, NC and Alabama during the settlement phase of Pigford (Black farmers class action) and Keepseagle (Native classaction).  Upon completing law school, Ms. Hishaw established the Youth Conservation Corp (YCC), a job training program focused on equipping teen males and ex-felons in Kansas City, MO with skills to pursue careers in ecology and agriculture.  Ms. Hishaw has a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Tuskegee University and a Juris Doctorate and Legal Masters in Agricultural law from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville.


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AllState/The Atlantic Renewal Awards (April 2018)  

Massachusetts Urban Farming Conference (March 2018)  Click here

WCCB- CW Charlotte TV "History Makers" Segment (February 2018)  Click here

Food & Equity Conference & The Southwest Georgia Project (Albany, GA November 2017)

Personal Reflection of a Faith Based Attorney, Wake Forest School of Divinity (Winston-Salem, NC  October 2017) Click here    


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Bishop Bates, Truth Network, Bishop Bates, October 2017 Interview  Click here

YaYa Diamond, Dream Chaser Radio October 2017 Interview  Click here to listen

IHeart Radio Commercial Click here to listen 


Interview, Korsha Wilson, Civil Eats, "Jillian Hishaw Wants to Help Black Farmers Stay on Their Land," May 2018  Click here

Interview, Toni Wansley, The Connect Magazine, "Meet the Woman Who is Changing America Food Industry" April 2018  Click here

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Interview - WUNC- NPR, "USDA Prepares to Pay Native American Farmers" Click here (2011)



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Why Bees Are Dropping Like Flies?  The US and EU Struggle to Find the Right Regulatory Approach, ABA Section Environmental, Energy and Resources,  Agricultural Management Newsletter  (Summer 2013 Edition)

Co-Editor, ABA Section of Environmental, Energy and Resources, Agricultural Management Newsletter(Summer 2013 Edition)

Mississippi is Burning Georgia Peaches Because Alabama is No Longer a Sweet Home:  A Legislative Analysis of Southern Discomfort Regarding Illegal Immigration S.D.L.Rev. (Winter/2013)  Click here

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Cultural Effects of Land Protection in the Plain States, (Unpublished)


(F.A.R.M.S.) Most Inspiring Non-profit Award, Sustain Charlotte, April 2018  Click here

(F.A.R.M.S.) Allstate/The Atlanta, Renewal Award (Runner-up)  March 2018  Click here

Food Industry Changemaker, Clif Bar Co. Click here to read article and view video  (2017)

Missouri Soil & Water Photo Contest, Conservation Across American Photo Contest, Honorable Mention Click here to view (2010)

Washington Wheatley Neighborhood Association, Community Contributor (2009) 


University of Pacific-Food Trust Oped Fellowship (2017)

The Aspen Institute, The Franklin Project Program (2015-2016)  

Wake Forest University, School of Divinity "Re:Generate Fellowship (2015)



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